Blacklight Distribution is completely dedicated to the Mountains and the environment we work in every day.

Distributing some the world’s leading brands in Australia and New Zealand from all over the world.

Nitro Snowboards ,boots and bindings, Mammut – Climbing, Hiking , Mountaineering and Avalanche protection, L1 Outerwear, EIVY Clothing and Howl gloves.

We live in the mountains every day and travel the world chasing what we love most.

Mountains filled with fresh snow, powder and back country adventures.

We bring you the best products on the market, so you can enjoy these amazing places too.

Whether you’re an Alpine Athlete, Mountain Enthusiast, Curious Adventurer or an Everyday Explorer we’ll have the right product for you and your customers.

From our local mountains in Australia and New Zealand, our staff have snowboarded, skied, climbed and toured some of the most incredible places in Alaska, Europe, North America and Asia.

We stand by our products to keep us warm, dry and alive.

The team at Blacklight Distribution is 100% dedicated to having your product arrive on time and allow you the assists to help sell through your collection each season.

We have an easy to use B2B platform, powered by Brandscope. This makes stock control very easy and reorders can be made with a simple click of a mouse.

Most of all we are here to have fun and create amazing relationships along the way.

See you in the Mountains.