Nitro Snowboards


Nitro Snowboards has been building products with one goal in mind for over 26 years – creating products for good times. The reason we snowboard is to go out into the wild and have good times whether it is by ourselves or with our friends. The tradition of building snowboard equipment filled with ground breaking technology, to make it easier for riders of any skill level to go out and push their own limits every day, continues with our 2015-16 lineup.

At Nitro, snowboarding is our passion, and we are a group of snowboarders who go out snowboarding all winter long in search of the greatest set-up and for the best runs. Our products are designed and tested by us and our team riders for snowboarders who are looking for tools that can help them break out of their everyday life and experience snowboarding for what it is – good times. Dive in, read up, and find the equipment that will help you break out of your everyday life and continue to grow your passion for snowboarding on and off the mountain. Snowboarding is our passion and developing products that help snowboarders progress and enjoy snowboarding more is why we do this.