L1 Premium goods


While thinking about what to write for this intro, I found myself going back to the
beginning of my time with L1. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 10 years in one
capacity or another.
Though things have changed as styles and tastes evolved,
there has always been one constant: we are unapologetically making outerwear
we want to ride in. Our outerwear may have seemed unconventional in the
beginning but it has ultimately helped define, at least for my generation, an aspect
of snowboarding.
This mentality has been the foundation for everything we do year
after year, giving the next generation the freedom to express themselves; and us
as a brand the freedom to pivot and cater to the industry’s ever-changing needs.
L1 is for the risk takers and the dreamers who are willing to stand out from the
crowd and express their unconventional creativity
— Jon Kooley